Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lordy! Tons of news!
The entire MOSES MILITIA mini-series is finished & at the printers. It's my World War 2 story concerning a team of Jewish soldiers secretly funded by Winston Churchill to undertake missions outside the norm of conventional warfare. In other words "Inglorious Basterds with super-powers!" But add to the mix - the story is set in 1940 Casablanca, Morocco! Yes, THAT Casablanca. Perhaps the scene set in a famous cafe will look familiar to fans of the Golden Age of cinema!
Here are the covers to the series. The art is by Bill Wylie (Secret Defenders, Web of Spider-Man), inked by Mark McKenna (inker extraordinaire), & colors by Chris Sotomayor on covers 1 & 2 and Felix Serrano on #3. Both bring their professional magic to make the covers shine.

The entire series will make their debut at Baltimore Comic-Con this Sept 7th & 8th (table A310) along with shot glasses with the title logo on them.

At the same time, I have a kickstarter project underway for my next series. It's called MURDERTHON, a crime-noir story about a cross-country contest between two serial killers and mediated by a referee with a dark secret who needs to save one of their victims from the game. It features art by the amazing Ken Knudtsen (Wolverine, My Monkey's Name is Jennifer). MURDERTHON Kickstarter
Check it out!

- James