Wednesday, November 16, 2022

BALTIMORE COMIC CON - Oct 28th - 30th 2022

 What a joy to be back among my people! A nasty pandemic can’t quell the joy among the faces of the vendors, cosplayers, & general fans. But most of all it cannot diminish the creative spirit of the artists & writers that make the funny books we love.

Yours truly had a new comic – GOLDENGIRL & THE PARTY, written by me with stunning art by Antonio Brandao and a killer cover by Jamal Igle. I call it “the #MeToo comic for the superhero community and The Boys if they were The Girls! And next year I’ll have issues #2 & #3 in print and in digital as well.

On the table as well was THE PUNCH LINER #1! My homage to the 1970s TV Show THE NIGHT STALKER. The elevator pitch is “What if Kolchak were a stand-up comedian?” And next year (hopefully) I’ll also have issues #2-5! All with covers by Russ Braun & interior art by Luca Cicchitti & Antonio Brandao.

Conventions can be quite exhausting so I invested in some equipment to haul my goodies around. Behold the wonder that is the Cart by Vevor! My girlfriend is tired of the praise I’ve been heaping on this wagon but on the plus side she didn’t have to carry a thing. It held everything – my comics, prints, postcards, banner, etc. Even a holder for our elitist lattes!

Cosplayers were amazing as usual but I must say I think for once the fellas outshone the gals this year. From Macho Man Randy Savage to the numerous Fat Thors, the guys excelled. Although the ladies did bring it as well.

It was great seeing creators like the legendary Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Russ Braun, Walt Simonson. Indie creators like Timothy Fling, Sean Von Gorman, Amy Chu, Daniel Kalban. And of course, Izzy Laureno host of the IzzyVerse Web Channel who we hung out with at the Ringo Awards. I was able to pick up a complimentary copy of the award winning “Something is Killing The Children.”
Last I have to mention finally picked up a piece of original art by the also legendary Ramona Fradon, who I had met previously. This year due to her advanced age she could not attend but friends were selling her work. I went past the Batman & Superman stuff to pick up this beautiful Metamorpho portrait. Love that character!

So the sun set again on another great convention! I look forward to next year.


-jb 11/16/22