Friday, September 11, 2009


This is my first attempt at a webcomic. It is entirely produced by me (script, art, color) using Manga Studio.

The story will appear in 6 chapters of 5 pages each. Every few weeks I will post the next installment so I hope it holds your interest.

Some background: The Adventures of Sgt Zero Dial of the Metronome City police is a concept I threw together in an afternoon but it contains ideas that I've always enjoyed exploring. He is a reluctant hero. A man with gifts he regards as "stupid" but is forced to use because the city has no other point of reference to call upon when super-villains attack. These incidents border on the ridiculous due to Zero's lack of experience and power. He's greatly overestimated by his superiors, Capt Charles Marley and The Mayor.

Think of Zero as the poor schmuck that's asked by a classroom to read them James Joyce when he all can handle is "See Spot Run." That's the extent of his power. And since he's sent out when any nutjob attacks the city, I don't forsee a happy ending for the guy. But he makes the best of it.

I hope you enjoy DIAL ZERO!


  1. Babbo!

    Congratulations man! This looks amazing...

  2. This is cool, James! I want to know what happens next... (bookmarked)

  3. awesome comic dude....(gerry/infinity)


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