Saturday, October 31, 2009


Finally Chapter 3 of the DIAL ZERO web comic is up. One week late. Too many days off looking for work & attending meetings prevented me from finshing it on-time but I guess I now know what missing a deadline is like. I will tone down my criticism of Marvel & DC.....just a wee bit.

I am not satisified with Chapter 3. There's quite a bit of shading I wanted to add & other effects but it was more important to get the chapter as readable as possible to upload it. I've decided that eventually when the entire 6 chapter story is finished I will go over & jazz up & correct all the pages & do a print version, most likely under the PRONTO COMICS imprint.

By the way, please go to PRONTOCOMICS.COM & check out the new anthology FOR A PRICE: Bounty Hunters & Other Scum, on sales now. It contains a story by me & the site has information for any new talent that would like to join us & create comics.

Chapter 4 in 3 weeks!!! (hopefully)


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