Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Here's a moment I've been looking forward to since I began this experiment - the epic conclusion to my DIAL ZERO story!

An experiment in the sense that I haven't drawn comics over any extended length of time since high school. I'm painfully aware of my limitations but I've enjoyed every minute of producing this web comic. The whole point of illustrating this strip myself was to help my scripting skills in identifying errors that an artist would have with my writing. In addition to DIAL ZERO, the other stories I've written for PRONTO COMICS (an independent collective of creators) are also experiments in helping me refine my work.

Please stay on the lookout for releases from PRONTO COMICS & myself. I'll post here and on the FACEBOOK page for PC.

Coming up, I and other creators from PRONTO will have a table at the MoCCA CON, April 10th & 11th supporting our two comic book releases: KICKED and FOR A PRICE.

I thank everybody for the wonderful comments & support I've received.
AND the adventures of SGT ZERO DIAL will continue..........

- James Babbo

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  1. Congratulations!

    It turned out really well.



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